Automatic Power factor correction Panel(APFC)

Having more than 5 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to offer ourselves as prominent manufacturers of AMF Control Panel in the Faridabad. At GEESYS Technologies, we have a team of highly qualified engineers, who are capable in providing the best solution for your industrial application needs. We are highly appreciated by our clients because we offer unmatched quality with quantity at an affordable market price. We made our complete range at our in-house manufacturing facility which is technically advanced and modern. After furnishing, our complete range is verified by our quality auditor on different aspects to ensure its reliability, durability, and long running life.

Automatic Power factor correction Panel (APFC)

APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption. Everyone knows that how costly electricity has become in present time. Therefore it becomes utmost important to cut down on electrical consumption for reducing expenditure. APFC Panels come real handy in the achievement of this purpose Use of these control panels becomes indispensable in those industries where electrical installations are meant to supply to large electrical load. Moreover, since the year of establishment, for the satisfaction of our clients, we also provide doorstep delivery of your consignment on time. Being reputed AMF Control Panel manufacturers and suppliers in the Chennai, we commit to fulfill your demand in the best possible way. You can contact us, to get any of our product range. AMF Panel keeps the load on when mains fails, the AMF Panel senses this and starts the Genset. Once the Genset is found running, the load is transferred to Genset supply. When mains resume, the load is transferred back to mains supply and Gensets stops automatically. In actual operation various inbuilt timers are used and these are as follows :-

  • Start Delay or Blackout Timer : Time delay from mains failure to DG Genset starting
  • Warm up Timer : Time delay from Genset running to load transfer on DG supply
  • Mains Ok Timer : Time delay from mains sensing to load transfer on mains supply
  • Cool down Timer : Time delay from load transfer on mains to DG shut down
  • Lop Bypass Timer : Time delay during which LOP signal is NOT sensed
  • Fault Relay Timer : Maximum time duration for sounding hooter after fault is sensed (If reset key is not pressed).

Main Functional Features:

  • Power distribution board is available as per specific requirements of the clients.
  • These boards are specially designed as per load. - These power distribution boards are built in a way so as to ensure maximum safety, as per available space and cost effectiveness.
  • It is helpful in saving the installation cost.
  • Maintains high Power Factor constantly.
  • High efficiency
  • In-built independent MCCBs/fuses
  • Protection from excess power in the system - Prevents leading Power Factor in low load conditions
  • Minimizes harmonic current
  • In most of the Industries there is inductive load due to which current lags behind the voltage and hence power factor is reduced, to stabilize the power factor we use capacitor banks as per load.
  • We Manufacture APFC Panel according to customer requirement using quality raw material which are Thyristor based or contactor based

Technical Specifications

Applications Automatic Power factor correction equipment,turned capacitor banks,dynamic PFC
System  415V 3 Phase, 3 or 4 wire, 50Hz
Rated Current  Upto 1200 KV AR
Operational Voltage  230/525 V
Rated Insulation  1000v
 Rated Service Voltage  690v
Ambient Temperature  45 Deg C
Short Time Current  50KA for 1Sec, 105KA  peak 
Degree of Protection  IP52
Form of Sepration  Upto 3B/2B (Optional Type 5)
Type Tested for  Short Time Current withstand. Temperature Rise Degree of Protection
Cooling Natural/Forced
Bus Bar  Aluminium or Copper
De-tuning   Conventional or 5.67% - 7% or 14%
Switching  Contactor/ Thysistor
PF Control  Both Manual & Automation through APFC relay upto 20 stage
Feeder Configuration  Semi Drowout or Fix Type