We design low- profile, user-friendly, integrated security systems with camouflaged hardware using state-of-art technology with a near optimum blend of human resources, and a cost effective system which is evolved to provide basic protection and security cover for the assets within the premises. The system is designed to be discreet enough to blend with the ambience and yet be effective enough to achieve its basic goal of protection. The Security System comprises of perimeter protection for intruder detection, access control system and electronic surveillance.

Perimeter Protection System protects the outer perimeter of a building against unwanted intruders. This system acts as a deterrent once any person tries to intrude from the perimeter where the system is installed. Various options like sensor cabling, electric fence and IR sensors are specified for this system.

Customized Access Control provides physical control of people movement in the premises by restricting entry into specified areas.

For Electronic Surveillance purposes, indoor/outdoor type cameras are located at strategic points as per the challenges of the design and to maintain discreet positioning as required. These cameras are connected to either DVR or a server based system.

Components Of Video Surveillance System

  • Standalone DVR systems
  • PC based DVR systems
  • IP based CCTV Systems

Video (CCTV) Surveillance Systems

CCTV camera systems are the most commonly used equipments in security today. It is impossible to have human intervention everywhere and at all times. In such cases, the CCTV system offers numerous benefits to commercial, office as well as industrial establishments.

CCTV cameras are economical and come with a variety of features. Black & white cameras are the most common and least expensive. They have a better sensitivity to light as well. Advancing technology has ensured that colour cameras, which display more “true to life” images, are becoming cost effective as well as popular. The level of security you need will help you determine which kind of camera is right for you.

CCTV security systems are available for your indoor, outdoor, and underwater surveillance needs.

Camera Types

  • Fixed Box Camera
  • Fixed Dome Camera
  • CCD Camera
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

Main Functional Features of CCTV Surveillance System:

  • Theft Prevention
  • Savings on Security
  • Solid Support for Claims
  • Record continuously or on events
  • Link video events to controller events
  • Can be integrated into the an Integrated Environment
  • More cost efficient
  • Easier to recover recorded events
  • Requires less space

Prevent & monitor theft of goods in retail environments:

  • Survey high value/high theft items
  • Survey activity in high traffic areas
  • Survey low traffic or obscured areas where theft is most likely to happen, such as corners, end caps of display areas & non-retail areas such as washroom entrances and fire exits
  • Prevent tampering of display items or dispensing equipment
  • In-safe Cameras always reveal who is opening the safe

Safety and security of facilities:

  • Secure entrances, exits, courtyards, laneways and fire routes
  • Survey parking lots, activity, license plates, etc.
  • Survey restricted areas
  • Survey work areas such as warehouse spaces, assembly lines, storage facilities, garages, etc.
  • Protect safes or other secured storage solutions

Survey staff to prevent theft of goods

  • Bird's eye view of cash register, watch every bill entering and exiting the cash drawer
  • Ensure items being processed match product being removed from store
  • Survey stock rooms, loading docks and fire exits to prevent theft

Quality control:

  • Combine your CCTV surveillance system with embedded audio surveillance to monitor staff and customer interactions. This provides valuable feedback on staff performance. Additionally, in the event of a dispute between the customer and the staff or a discrepancy with regards to a receipt of goods, everything is recorded for the protection of your staff and merchandise.
  • Survey work areas to ensure staff are not cutting corners.
  • Survey loading areas to ensure materials are being shipped or received as expected
  • Integrate your CCTV surveillance system with data from your cash register to ensure items processed match the goods being sold.

Remote Management:

  • Use your CCTV solution to communicate with and survey your home or workplace from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  • Now available: use your iPhone or Blackberry Smartphone to monitor cameras on the go!
 2-Way Intercom  No 3-Axis Adjustable Yes 
Camera   Camera    
 Assembled Depth (in.)  22 in  Assembled Height (in.)   22 in 
Assembled Width (in.) 22 in  Camera Resolution (TVL)  600  
Camera Technology  Analog/ Direct  Camera Type  CCD 
Camera Use  Indoor/Outdoor Cameras  Color or Black and  White Color
Covert  No Electrical Product Type  Video Surveillance Kit
 Hard Drive Size  1TB -1.9TB Microphone No
Monitor Included  Yes Night Vision Yes
Night Vision Distance(ft.)  100 Number of Cameras  Included 8
Number of Channels 8 Optical Zoom  No
Remote Viewing Yes Returnable  90-Day
Screen Size (In.)   22  Wireless Cameras  No

Video Surveillance System's Components

  • Cameras
  • Recorders
  • Monitors
  • Accessories

Applications :

  • Banking & Finance
  • Government Offices
  • Software Companies
  • Drugs, Medical Equipment & Pharmaceuticals
  • Infrastructure Developers & Interior Decorators
  • Manufacturing Industries