Motor Starter Panel

A motor starter panel is a collection of star delta motor starters and direct online motor starters. Motor starters are used to temporarily reduce the load and the torque in the powertrain of the motor during startup. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, as well as the electrodynamic stresses on the attached power cables and electrical distribution network, extending the lifespan of the system. The complete panel receives the incoming power from a circuit breaker/main switch which then distributes the power to the different motor starters.

Motor Starter Panel

We offer three phase automatic Phase changeover Switches. Its improved circuit design enables the relay to be in 'on' position only while the gen set is in use and it remains 'off ' the rest of the time. Our range is fabricated using advanced and improved circuit designs generated by our experienced and qualified electrical engineers as per market trends.

Direct Online Starters are preferably used with electric motors of upto 7.5HP and thereafter star delta starters are used.

Direct on-line starting

  • Three-phase motor with low to medium power rating
  • 3 conductors to the motor
  • High starting torque
  • High current peak
  • Voltage dip
  • One simple switching device

Star-delta start-up

  • Three-phase motor with low to high power rating
  • Six conductors to the motor
  • Reduced starting torque, 1/3 of the nominal torque
  • High mains load due to current peak during switchover from Y to D
  • High mechanical stress due to torque surge during switchover from Y to D.

Main Functional Features:

  • We offer quality and highly functional range of motor starter panels to our clients.
  • Fabricated from quality components to provide durability, safety and long life to the panel.
  • Powder coated for preventing corrosion, thus lengthening the life of the panel.
  • Designed and developed according to IE rules and customized according to the clients’ needs.
  • Inbuilt single phase protection of motor.
  • Tested by professionals for reliable and correct performance.
  • Inspection of the panel by client at the workshop before delivery.
  • Facility of 1 year warranty* and AMC available.
  • Competitive prices with timely delivery and assured quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Three phase automatic changeover
  • Automatic generator changeover switch
  • Dg accessories
  • Automatic changeover panels
  • Automatic transfer switch (ats)
  • Electrical changeovers
  • On load changeover
  • Auto changeof gen set/ main line
  • Off load changeover switch
  • On load changeover switch
  • Automatic eb-gen changeover
  • Automatic changeover switch for generator
  • Generator automatic changeover switch
  • Automatic power changeover switch
  • Automatic changeover for generators
  • Auto changeover switch for generators