Solar ACCB

AC combiners box normally called as ACCB is our new solutions for high capacity plant which are using string inverters. Normally in SPV plants we combines DC and use Array Junction Box/DC Combiner box to combine all PV panels but now a days string inverters which converts directly DC to AC in field area for a particular capacity and like this we use multiple string inverters to take the AC output, now these String Inverters are needed to be combined at filed area only and take a high capacity AC cable to our output panel for this ACCB is used which combines all string inverters and the output is fed to AC panel at control room this saves a consistent amount of cost and cables. we offer this product for all need varying from KW to MW range. It is basically a bigger version of ACDB. ACCB is used in place of ACDB in large solar PV power plants where there are several inverters. ACCBs have one MCCB for each inverter and one master MCCB at the outgoing side. Almost all features and options that are available with ACDB are also available in ACCBs. ACCBs are normally used in grid tied / grid connected solar power plants.

Solar ACCB

GEESYS has supplied small ACCB with master MCCB of 100A to large ACCB with master ACB of 2500A rating. We use high quality solar NET [bi-directional] energy meters of Genus, Secure Meters & Schneider makes and 0.5 class CTs of Powermat / AE / Equivalent makes. Several states in India like Rajasthan, AP, TN, Maharashtra,... have allowed net metering and have formulated policies for net metering for grid tied solar PV installations. Net metering will promote commercial roof top solar pv installations in India. It makes roof top solar pv installations financially very attractive. GEESYS offer several purpose built ACDBs like ACDB for tied inverter, ACDB for off grid inverter.


Features & options available in solar ACDB include Terminals, MCB/MCCB, Contactor, class 1, class 0.5S solar NET energy meter, multi function meter, earth fault protection unit, IP protection rating from IP21 to IP65 levels, AC SPD class B, SPD class B+C, ON change over switch, Relays, Fuses, Disconnectors and etc.

  • ACCB 2in – 1out
  • ACCB 3in – 1out
  • ACCB 4in – 1out
  • ACCB 5in – 1out
  • ACCB 6in – 1out

Our manufactured Metering Panel Boards are widely used for domestic as well as industrial purposes. Our Electrical Metering Panel Boards are designed with careful wiring and are excellent in appearance. These Metering Panel Boards are made of 2.5 mm cold rolled, mild steel metal clad, free standing, totally enclosed, cubicle type, fully compartmentalized, outdoor installations and suitable for operation on 11kV, 3ph, 50Hz., and AC earthed system.

The panel contains the equipments and components complete with bus bar interconnections, control wiring, designation labels, caution notices, EB sealing and pad locking facilities wherever required. Necessary space is provided for entry of H. T. cables from the bottom through detachable gland plates.

we can custom build an A.C. Metering Panel or Control Panel to suit our customers’ requirements. These particular types of panels are usually ordered by companies in the solar and generator set business

Features and Benefits

  • Factory assembled/wired internal meters minimize installation labour
  • Factory installed/wired CTs eliminate lengthy wiring runs and wiring errors
  • Small footprint takes up less wall space than separate panels and meters
  • UL Listed
  • Power line communication standard on all meters
  • Optional Modbus RS-485 communication
  • IEC optical front panel interface for programming
  • Real-time, per phase viewing of voltage, current, power factor, phase angle, watts, VARs, VA and frequency
  • Event reporting with time and date stamps
  • Data can be accessed and collected through third party read-bill-collect service