Solar DCDB

The ACDB box is made of epoxy powder coated metal casting. Three feeders are provided in ACDB with MCB of Required capacity installed at each feeder in the ACDB. One Electronic Energy Meter, ISI make, is provided in ACDB to measure the consumption of power from SPV Power Plant. A separate dedicated feeder from conventional line to PCU as well as ACDB is also provided. A separate change over switch of required capacity is provided in the ACDB to isolate the existing connected load from the solar system & switch it over to the existing convention power (Mains), in case of emergency.Solar ACDistribution Boxes are installed immediately after the solar PV Grid-tie inverter.

Solar DCDB

Every inverter and charge controller, whether in a utility-interactive or stand-alone system, has a DC input voltage window that must be adhered to. In batteryless grid-tied systems, inverters require relatively high DC input voltages, from 90 to 850V (typically 4 to 26 modules wired in series).

Small grid-tied PV systems (less than 5 kW @ 600V DC) often have only one or two series strings of modules. GEESYS Team will configure the SJB based on the Inverter’s technical specification and Solar PV modules technical specification. A combiner box offers a place to house series fuses and parallel the series string inputs, reducing the number of array output wires needed to run to the inverter location.

Some grid-direct inverter manufacturers include series fusing within the inverter or its attached disconnect box, which may eliminate the need for a separate combiner box. However, using a PV combiner box located close to the PV array gives you easy access to the wires for each series string. This can be handy for troubleshooting a malfunctioning PV array without having to run back and forth to the inverter area.


  • SJB 1in – 1out
  • SJB 2in – 2out
  • SJB 3in – 3out
  • SJB 4in – 4out
  • SJB 4in – 2out
  • SJB 6in – 2out
  • SJB 6in – 4out
  • SJB 6in – 6out
  • SJB 8in – 4out
  • SJB 8in – 8out
  • SJB 10in – 10out
  • SJB 12in – 12out

Solar String combiner Boxes

 Model  GPRO-GD5X   GPRO-GD10X 
 Maximum Voltage in open Circuit 500V   1000V 


No of DC inputs 1-6 1-12
Maximum Input Fuse* Rating, A *  6/10/12/15/20/30
Max Input Current in short Circuit  
Max. input current in short circuit at STC  
Maximum string current per fuse holder with all string fuse* Reduction factor 0.55
Conductor Size ,  4 — 10



No of DC Outputs 1 - 12 150 Sq.
 Maximum DC Current, A *  Upto 32A   Upto 32A 
 Conductor Size,   4 — 10   4 — 10 
Cable gland clamping range,mm 12-32



DC inputs overcurrent protection Protection on both polarities, gPV fuses, size 10 x 38 mm, max. rating 30 A (fuses not provided with product)
Surge Protection Device (SPD)* <=600V DC, Class C/Class B/ Class B+C

1000V DC, Class C/Class B/ Class B+C
Electric shock protection Class II equipment



Ingress Protection  IP66/65
Enclosure Type  PS*/PC,
Transparent  Top Cover
Wall mounting  Yes
Bus Bar* Yes
 Operating conditions Temp :  -20 to +55 Deg. C , RH : 0 — 95% non cond
 Type of Protections  Short-Circuit,Surge 
 International standards followed  IEC 60364
Design Life  25 years +