Automatic Water Level Controller

GEESYS Automatic Water level controller is an Electronic product which controls the pump automatically. Water level controller will have series connection with the pump starter which ensures constant water storage on tanks. Automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the overhead tank as and when it gets empty and monitor the water level in it.

Automatic Water Level Controller

Water scarcity is a problem that is gripping the major metro cities of the world; the main culprit is not availability but undue wastage. Buildings are equipped with a water pump, overhead tank and a source tank or a bore-well, being operated and supervised manually. iWATPUMP is an automatic water level sensing and controlling system that can be used in all aquatic environments, new or existing. Key components of our water level controller systems includes, indicators, sensors, electrical installation and cabling, which can be customized for each installation. We have installed this system in a wide range of verticals covering independent homes, apartments, commercial, complexes hotels, hospitals, residential colonies, and industries.

Main Functional Features iWATPUMP 01 - LED:

Company had made an achievement of introducing highly efficient and maintains free WIRE LESS Automatic Water Level Controller. To avoid cabling, grew cutting, & Constant maintains. As cable coarsen, rat bite, marble cutting, disturbing elevation of the building, disturbing existing structure. We very galled to say that we are the first Company to introducing.iWATPUMP switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below as per fixed level (on point) and switches off the motor when the water level rises to another pre fixed level (off point).

  • Auto start when tank gone empty.
  • Auto off when tank got full.
  • Pump can start directly through By-pass switch
  • High- low voltage protection
  • Manually start with auto stop
  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Protection
  • Idle Running Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Dry Run Protection ≥ 120s

Depending on the site condition, this model can be scaled up, to have a current handling capacity of up to 30Amps

Main Functional Features iWATPUMP 01 - LED:

  • Real time(user settable) Tank refill option. Optional timers relay (User settable ON time and OFF time), can be used for surveillance lighting, water springer, etc.,
  • Field configurable safe working voltage (both during start and RUN) and currents for the motor.
  • 2*16 LCD indication (Status, Voltage, Current and Energy) with three push button menu control.
  • Highly reliable fully concealed no contact float switch working at low voltage.
  • Energy indication. To indicate the energy that consumed by the motor.
  • Excellent motor protection against low voltage, high voltage.
  • iWATPUMP is usually used for all single phase pumps.
  • Dry Run Protection ≥ 120s
  • Optional level indication.
  • Upper & Lower Level adjustable as per user choice.
  • Idle Running Protection
  • Overload Protection

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Input

230 V

Voltage Protection Range

150V – 230V

Internal Voltage

12 V DC

Sensing Systems

Advanced AC sensing


Water Low, High, Sump Level, Power/Motor ON


Audio with Acknowledge facility (Optional)


Minimum 60 mm

Signaling Distance

Up to 100 meters ( For more please specify)

Measurement Accuracy


Operating Voltage of Sensor


Power Consumption

0.25 watts

Depth of Tank

Up to 3 meters ( For greater depth please specify )

Types of Liquids

Most Liquids (Sp. gr. up to 1.2, temp 120 deg C



Material Panel Probe Actuating Float

Power Coated Metal Sheet as per IP21


  • Retail spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Houses of worship
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Community centers
  • Tourist boats and ferries