Having invested huge amount of capital in their solar PV plants, the plant operators want to get the maximum output from their photovoltaic power plants.

The solar photovoltaic plant operators want to know the reason behind any / every fall in the PV plants output - whether the fall is due to some known cause [cloudy weather, planned maintenance,... etc.] or the fall is due to a fault in the plant that needs to be rectified. And, in case of fault, they want to know the exact location of the fault.

A solar PV plant typically has hundreds / thousands of PV modules spread over a large area. Using conventional means finding answers to both these questions is very difficult and/or time consuming.

The string monitoring and diagnostics system offered by GEESYS Technologies has a smart solution to above mentioned problems.

Series: String Shield
Dispatches: Between 10-15 Days
Price: Starting from INR 25000/-*