The DCDB box is made of epoxy powder coated metal casting. Three feeders are provided in ACDB with MCB of Required capacity installed at each feeder in the ACDB. One Electronic Energy Meter, ISI make, is provided in ACDB to measure the consumption of power from SPV Power Plant. A separate dedicated feeder from conventional line to PCU as well as ACDB is also provided.

Array Junction Box (AJB) also known as DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box), component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit. DCDB controls the DC power from Solar Panels and with having necessary surge protection device (SPD) and fuses to protect the solar panels strings and solar inverter from any type of damage. All switches at the circuit breakers, connectors confirm to IEC 60947, part I, II and III.

SOLAR ACDB DCDB is a part of solar power plant. When sunlight is incident on the solar panel, the current and voltage is generated in the terminals of solar cell. A grid connected solar Photo Voltaic system consists of the following components.Solar Photo Voltaic array, Array combining box, DC Cabling, DCDB, Inverter, AC Cabling and ACDB. In Other words, Solar ACDB is AC Distribution board and Solar DCDB is DC Distribution Boards

A separate change over switch of required capacity is provided in the ACDB to isolate the existing connected load from the solar system & switch it over to the existing convention power (Mains), in case of emergency.Solar ACDistribution Boxes are installed immediately after the solar PV Grid-tie inverter.