A rodent repellent system for repelling rodents within enclosed areas while simultaneously providing a pleasant scent. The inventive device includes a container having an opening, a drawstring within the opening of the container, cellulose fiber such as corn cob chips, and a fragrance oil. The fragrance oil preferably has a woodsy floral blend similar to potpourri. The container is preferably of a perforated material or cloth. A storage box having a lid preferably stores one or more of the containers preferably within a sealable plastic bag. The user attaches the container to a member within the vehicle such as a handle for retaining the container is a prominent position. The fragrance oil is retained by the corn cob chips and slowly released through the container. The fragrance oil provides a strong scent that repels rodents and small animals by irritating their respiratory system while simultaneously providing a pleasant scent to humans.

Series: String Shield
Dispatches: Between 10-15 Days
Price: Starting from INR 25000/-*

GEESYS Rodent Repellent Detection (RRD) System