Home UPS

The GEESYS power system is an inverter but also contains a powerful smart charger. It is an extremely good choice for utility back up power, provide a pure sine wave power to all equipments..
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Servo controlled Voltage Stabilizer

GEESYS is specialized in manufacturing a variety of Servo Voltage Stabilizers and special purpose oil cooled transformers.
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Automatic Phase Changeover Switch

We are manufacturer of wide range of Automatic Changeovers like Single Phase Changeover, Three Phase Changeover and Automatic phase-changer.
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Video Surveillance System (CCTV)

CCTV security systems are available for your indoor, outdoor, and underwater surveillance needs. Cameras are economical and come with a variety of features..
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Home Automation System

Home automation is a field within building automation, specializing in the specific automation requirements of private homes and in the application of automation techniques for the comfort and security of its residents View more

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Our AC Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners keeping abreast of the latest developments in control voltage technology.
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Automatic Water Level Controller

GEESYS Automatic Water level controller is an Electronic product which controls the pump automatically, Fill the overhead tank as and when it gets empty and monitor the water level in it.
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