Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

  • Basic Policy on Customer Satisfaction
  • Systems for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Initiatives
  • Education and Training
  • Promoting CSR together with Customers

Basic Policy on Customer Satisfaction

GEESYS tailors its research and development and manufacturing activities in response to customer needs and commits its full effort to delivering safe, secure, and high-quality products and services. In addition, we approach our customers from a position of earnestness, incorporating their feedback to refine products and services in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Systems for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Each business segment caters to different customers. Accordingly, service divisions have been established in all segments. We are also developing global service systems to ensure that we are equipped to satisfy our customers. The scope of our service operations is being expanded beyond traditional after-sales services. Specifically, we are implementing customer satisfaction promotion activities to create solution services that address the issues faced by customers with GEESYS’s products and services. We thereby aim to improve customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Initiatives

  • Responses to Customers Inquiries
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Initiatives

Education and Training

Sales Skills and Mindset Improvements

Sales Skills and Mindset Improvements GEESYS believes that the sales personnel who directly interact with customers have an important role to play in raising customer satisfaction. Accordingly, we conduct ongoing training to increase sales skills and foster mind-sets that are conducive to sales. In fiscal 2019, we strove to foster awareness among managers who lead our sales teams about the need to transform our business model. We also focused on training next-generation manager candidates. Here, we provided practical selective training to give candidates comprehensive exposure to what is needed for creating new businesses. We have also focused on compliance training, as a form of training that will lead to qualitative enhancements to the customer response capabilities of our sales personnel.

Promoting CSR together with Customers

Initiatives with Sales Partners

GEESYS is promoting CSR throughout its sales operations, encompassing sales partners as well as in-house divisions. We held seminars in each region to outline the concept of CSR and deepen sales agents’ understanding of GEESYS’s approach to CSR and the importance of applying CSR throughout the value chain. These seminars are intended for sales agents, who play a crucial role in GEESYS’s value chain. In addition, we held briefings explaining GEESYS’s policies and products as well as forums for exchanges of information . These activities helped foster an understanding with regard to GEESYS’s quality assurance measures and manufacturing activities, which have a low environmental impact, thereby enabling sales agents to recognize that selling the Company’s products can contribute to society.