Supplier Excellence

We want to work with suppliers that consistently get it right: Getting the right product to the right place in the right quantity and with the right quality and at the right total cost.

  • All GEESYS suppliers must register on the supplier portal, which gives you access to powerful online tools and resources with the up-to-date information you need to work smarter, make informed decisions, and streamline your transactions with us.
  • All suppliers must read and comply with GEESYS Supplier Excellence Manual. The SCM defines the minimum requirements, processes, and systems for doing business with GEESYS.
  • Please note the following mandate procedure to existing supplier for future business transaction us.
  • 1. We will share the enquiry/drawing

    2. Please share your price and delivery lead time against each requirement.

    3. We will release purchase order against your quote.

    4. You start the production and deliver the materials as per timeline and requirement.

    5. Once material ready, Please dispatch from your end. incase if you dont have person, please let us know we will book vehicle to pickup from your place.

    6. Please ensure material Received in store with GRN Entry.

    7. Please dont send any material without our valid Purchase order.

    8. Your bill should come with Material by mentioning our Purchase Order Number.

Expectation of our Supplier

We require suppliers be registered with an internationally recognized quality management system, Comprehensive assessments are conducted at supplier site locations to confirm they meet minimum GEESYS requirements. Assessments may be conducted by GEESYS or supplier personnel. Any corrective actions identified as a result of the assessment must be addressed within the defined period agreed with GEESYS.

Product Realization

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to assure that a product meets expectations, and that the Supplier’s manufacturing processes have the capability to consistently meet these requirements.

First Article Inspection (FAI) is required upon initial shipment of production components, and at any time a change occurs that invalidates the original results

Performance Evaluation

We measure supplier performance by evaluating, along with other metrics, DPPM (defective parts per millions) and the number of nonconforming incidents. Supplier scorecards are part of the way we review supplier performance. We expect our suppliers to maintain a zero defects culture and zero delivery disruptions through execution of continuous improvement plans.

We expect the product you supply matches what we asked for. If we return product to you because of nonconformance, for each incident we will charge you to cover our administrative costs as well as any additional actual costs incurred in mitigating the problem.


We require our suppliers to initiate and implement cost-reduction and improvement suggestions. We want to collaborate with you to reduce waste and improve quality. And we’re looking for open, forthright dialogue, creativity, innovation and ingenuity in improving how we do business with you.

We require our suppliers to provide advance notification of planned changes so that we can collaborate with you to mitigate any unintended consequences to our internal operations or our end customers.