GEESYS is the leading manufacturers of this commendable Earthing Hot Dip Galvanised Pipe in the market and also pioneers in Safe GI Earth Electrodes company.

Normally, the galvanized pipes available in the market are water pipes and will have a zinc coating thickness of 25-30 microns which is too low for an earthing application. Taking that into consideration, our hot dip galvanized pipes are given a quality zinc coating of 100-150 microns (As per IS 3043/1987 as amended in 2010) which is 4 times the normally available coating, making it anti-corrosive and with an increased life span of 2-3 times than the normal pipes.

Pipe is filled with anti-corrosive materials and sealed in order to resist inside-out corrosion. Hot dip galvanized pipe is suitable for soil conditions with pH value ranging from 5 – 8.