Some commercial Solar PV installations are for self-consumption only and grid export is not permitted. While this may be fine on a working day, for a week-end or a holiday the PV generation may exceed the demand. The Grid Protection Relay mandated by the Network Provider would trip the Solar Generator under such a situation. This causes inconvenience and would result in loss of production. OZTRON Reverse Power Controller (RPC) actively modulates the solar inverters even under rapidly fluctuating loads and varying solar output to ensure that the solar power is always maintained just below the consumption level and tripping is avoided.

The Zero Export Devices are available in single & three phase models suiting to various types of inverters and manufactures. The Zero Export Device has a power analyser, data logger and controller all assembled together which comes as a single component solution. At any time, the ZERO EXPORTprevents the solar system from feeding in to the grid and DG SET.

It may require by Solar plant owner or operator to limit the solar power output for both GRID and DG. ZED can control both, you don't need separate ZED to control both. ZED can limit, or totally eliminatethe export power for both gird and DG at same time. Also, it can show the power consumption by all three power sources (Solar + DG + GRID).Due to high power cuts from Grid and when Solar Plant is connected with DG & Grid, there is every possibility of reverse power feed to DG & Grid. If a Solar Power Plant is connected/working with DG &Grid and the power consumption of connected Load is lower than the power generated by solar powerplant, then the excess of power generated by solar power plant will reverse back to DG & or Grid and this will lead to permanent damage of DG or Grid lines